Challenges of Making Our Power Grid Resilient

The Grid Game is based on a simulator of the power swing equation created for the Idaho Universities’ Resilient Control Systems class in Fall of 2013. This work in progress has evolved into a tool that sets the perspective for the High School or Undergraduate of the dynamics of power systems, the control system that operates the power system, challenges of human interfaces and cyber security.

Control Your Own Microgrid

  • In the first rounds you will adjust the stored power control to balance the generated power and used power and keep the frequency close to sixty hertz.
  • Next, you get to take advantage of a feedback control system. Instead of manually controlling the Stored Power knob you are responsible for setting the gains to ensure your power generator maintains frequency.
  • In the final rounds, the storage level becomes active. If you run out of storage you will have no ability to add additional generators or reduce load to stabilize the grid.





Compete with others across the greater grid.